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Revised GNM Syllabus:

The new revised syllabus implemented from the academic year 2005-06 in all the states of India.

The nursing profession is correlated with other health care administrative units and operates jointly with health care professionals, medical communities, family of the patients to sustain suitable and ideal standard of health care. The basic education of nursing is General nursing and Midwifery course which trains nurses for the first level positions in the field of nursing and all type of health care contexts.

The Reviewed Syllabus Has Following Factors:

  1. Internship of six months.
  2. Introduction of some new subjects.
  3. Duration of course raised from ½ year to 3 years.

Revision Of The Basic B.Sc. –Nursing course syllabus from academic year 2005-2006 in all the Universities.

The undergraduate programme of nursing education involves enhancement of decision making, analytical skills, intellectual and criteria needed for the nursing profession as ideated by the National Health Policy in the year 2002. This review syllabus trains their graduates in ethical code and professional behavior required by the nursing professionals.

The Syllabus Comprised These Parts:

  • Inclusion of Internship.
  • Addition of new subjects.
  • To incur consistent standard of nursing education throughout the nation a revised format of syllabus is introduced which also ease work of teachers.

Revision of Syllabus at Post Basic B.Sc. level from the academic year 2005-2006 for all the universities.

The undergraduate program of nursing at the post basic level is widely established depending on the academic model required to construct the skill and quality at the diploma level. The critical thinking skills, and efficiency required by the in-service nurses similar to the professional nurses and midwifery is aimed in particular. The graduate and diploma training program for nurses comprises of syllabus revised as per the National health policy of 2002.

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